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I should have known better

So I'm finally realising how badly my life has decended into destruction

I don't know what it worse- The fact that I've let it to such a degree, or the fact I don't actually give a shit

Fucking off abroad on a major bender for a week, leaving early hours Wednesday
My Mother is seriously ill. Had Phleurosy now they don't know. Coughing up blood, she's on liquid morphine. Had an ECG, Bronchostopy (sp?) [Without sedation- this is where I get my insanity gene from I'm sure] now an MRI scan? It's fucked up
My relationship... Don't even get me started
Drugs are getting out of control, especially now I've found that smoking Joints with added Cocaine are awesome

I just generally cannot be bothered, I'm more preoccupied with getting off my face. At least I can forget that way, even if only for a moment

Hope everyone is good, though
Well, not everyone but the ones I mean know who they are <33
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I have no idea what's going on in your world, and I wish you would track me down sometime. You know how to find me. I miss you, and I am hoping that things aren't as bad as they seem.
aww hunny. *hug* please focus on yourself and keep your chin up <3


August 24 2008, 00:55:44 UTC 9 years ago

Dear Jo-

I have no idea where you are, or what you are doing-- but I am worried about you. Can you please try to contact me? Email me? Call? IM? Whatever. I don't care. I miss you, I'm worried about you, I love you.