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Guess who's back?...


Brief update

New tattoo-


One side of her face looks deformed on this photo. That's because it is over my BCG immunisation scar. I assure, it looks the shiznit in real life. I adore it and Steve, by proxy, for permanently etching it onto my casper-esque skin forever. I <33 my Mary! Haha!


Oh and, this is Robert George Rice. 6/01/10, 7lbs exactly
My nephew may have been 15 days late (Lets face it, I wouldnt want to come out into this shitty weather!) but he's more than worth the wait. CUTENESS GONE MAD, MAD I TELL YOU!

I have to shoot off... metaphorically, not literally! as my shift starts in 25 minutes and I have to cross the frozen tundra in order to get there. Ah the joys of employment. I will update properly later

Much love to my Steph!!
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