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Welcome to The Wall

Mother, did it need to be so high?

..Just another brick in the wall
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i'm in slytherin!

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adj : under the influence of narcotics; "knocked out by doped
wine"; "a drugged sleep"; "were under the effect of the
drugged sweets"; "in a narcotized state; stuperous"
[syn: doped, drugged, narcotised]

n 1: an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain
or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or
fight) [syn: fearfulness, fright] [ant: fearlessness]

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Date Created:2004-05-26
Number of Posts: 144

"I don't need no arms around me
I don't need no drugs to calm me
I have seen the writing on The Wall
Don't think I need anything at all"
Strengths: Intelligent. Sarcastic. Sadistic. Loyal. Trustworthy. Passionate. Determined. Sexual. Diligent. Industrious. Deviant. Faithful. Pertinacious. Curious. Eccentric. Droll
Weaknesses: Aggressive. Destructive. Uncontrollable. Malfunctioning. Untrusting. Problematic. Violent. Traumatized. Foolish. Antagonistic. Grotesque. Wrathful. Unforgiving. Anarchic. Irascible. Malevolent. Quixotic
Special Skills: Artistic. Manipulative. Destruction. Reconstruction. Mercanary. Regurgitation. Poetic. Imaginative
Weapons: Wit. Charm. [System Error] [/Reading Files] [Weaponry File Located] [Loading Information...] Arsenic. Blades. Illegal Narcotics. Hair Dye. Fake Hurr. Black Eyeliner...
Favourites: My boi <3. Industrial music. Pink Floyd. Bob Geldof. Makeup. Clothes. Boots. Synthetic hurr. Clubbing. The Fast Show. Tim Burton. Disney&Pixar movies. Hott Sex. Coca Cola. Jack Daniels

This is me, and I am awesome

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also lurve me a whole lot of Steph
She is also awesome... Like whoa!!!

There are also references to sex
Because, sex is good and sex is fun
I only do it with my bootiful boyfriend though, I'm a good gurl now
So, if you're some frigid weirdo or completely opposed to the mentioning of sexual intercoure, walk on by

The sad thing is, I shouldn't even have to do this. It's my perogative to mention anything I like within my journal. It's my right. But, I'm just that nice a person... Yeah, right


And I'm P-R-O-U-D of it

I fight
I bitch
I drink
I smoke
I scream
I punch
But I laugh
And I <3 it all

As you've probably guessed, I'm a tad egotistical
But, that is a good thing
Just means I lub myself as much as I lub everyone else
... Plus, I'm just plain arrogant in some aspects

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I'm outspoken
I'm opinionated
I don't know how to hold my tongue
I have no tact
I'm brutally honest
And as a result, most people find me offensive

Which, ain't my problem

No, I'm not a depressive and angsty pleb obsessed by suicide
Life rocks ma socks

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I adore photography, so my journal is always full of piccies
Couple that with my mild case of conceitness and you'll realise why there are a few pictures of me, too
I don't care what people think of me
I don't care if you don't like me
My Mummy and Daddy love me
Plus I think I rawk

I don't like liars
I don't like cheaters
I don't like racists
I don't like attention seekers
I don't like hyperchondriacs
I loathe obesity: Especially when people think it is sexy to have their ripples hanging out
Yeah, I'm pretty shallow
But who isn't?
At least I am truthful about it

Anyone who can hurt an animal or a child should be assraped and shot. By me

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I detest Bob Marley and The Wailers
But everyone I know seems to like them
Join me in my campaign to ban irritating rastas
... With painful music
The only Marley I like is small and orange and furry
Like this

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is long, isn't it?
Probably getting tired
Take a seat
Have some tea

I adore Pink Floyd
Roger Waters is a muscial genius <3
The Wall= Wow
And the film is phenominal
Bob Geldoff= SexXx, umph

"When the Hammers batter down your door, you better RUN"

The trick to life is to live it
Not to get bogged down by the negatives
Nothing is really impossible
But a lot of people will try to fuck you over
The solution is easy:
Beat the piss out of them ^__^
You know it makes perfect sense

My Journal is Semi-Friends only, due to scary ex's who seem to internet stalk me. Ask, and you'll more than likely be added (Unless, you really suck). Add me, and I will more than likely add you back. We all know the drill

Oh, one last thing
Don't dare steal my fucking pictures
I have had it before, don't be lame

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