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Y'know, life is really really messed up, and as I discovered as of yesterday, so is the road in which I currently reside
One of our... I dunno, Summer Drinking Crew? Was found murdered in an Alleyway near the top of the hill
The whole street was blocked off. Police tape everywhere. Forensics. CSI. CID. I've never seen so many of them in my whole life. And the actual realisation that someone has murdered someone we all know, talk to and sit with hasn't sunk in yet. To kill Simon? He wouldn't have said boo to a goose and they killed him? Wrapped him in binbags and left him in an entry to rot? It makes ny stomach churn until I feel physically sick
He was a laugh, with his spiderman flipper slippers
There are people in this world that shouldn't exist
And the fact that pretty much everyone knows it was done by his own girlfriends demented brother makes it even worse
Murders in movies are great. Gore is, fantabulous. But this? This is way too fucked up and way too close to home. It isn't just a name in a newspaper or TV report, he is real. Real to all of us
He may have been a sandwich short of a picnic, but which one of us isn't. We'll miss you, Si

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On a different note, I got my Madonna piercing on Saturday and am to be tattooed tomorrow (Hopefully) so pictures coming soon
I have expressed my intense desire to cancel my 21st on Thursday but my pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears and I'm sure they're all plotting something against me... sneaky bastards
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