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Everybody's changing...


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Madonna obtained
Yayness on how it's turned out and the luberly pain experienced whilst it was done. Please explain to me why some people have the area numbed? Does that or does that not eliminate the point of a piercing?


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Sleeve project begins
Imma going back tomorrow to have the base of my right sleeve started. ZOMG! Obviously, they are Sanrio orientated. It'll be cute and girly and exactly what I wanted. And my tattooist is freaking awesome <333 I'm not that big on posting my tattoo pictures online because people are known to rip you off. So you probably ain't going to see anymore of it (After tomorrow of course) for a while. More than likely until it's finished. But, it's made me happy and SQUEEEEEE!-ish ^___^

Oh yeah, I turned 21 today. So far it's, eventful?
Although, the only part I've really been arsed about was getting to see my gorgeous Paulie this morning and recieving my Birthday kisses *Bliss* Heh, he rang me at 7.30am, too, just to say Happy Birthday. I love that sexy dude so freaking much <33333
I'm sure my Sister, Titch and Sandie have been conspiring
Something tells me it isn't going to be the quiet night I intended
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