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The bastards threw me a massive arse suprise party
It was humiliating but grand ^.^
I went to see my parents and when I came back around in the car I could see this huge ass banner (Like, a double bedsheet banner) saying "Happy 21st Joanne" and I just started shrieking "DON'T STOP! DRIVE! DRIIIIIIIVE!!!!" but to no avail

It ended up- Me, Our Emma, Jason, Titch, Sandie, Udo, Tommy, Kieran, Jay, Sarah, Emma W, Pablo, Wad, Danielle, Leah, Carl, Kiesha and her fella, Tanya, Paul [Not my Paul, obviously yet unfortunately] and god knows who else. I don't even remember half the night. Probably because Me, Em, Leah and Sandie alone killed 3 litre bottles of vodka, 2 litres of wine, 54 alcopop thingies and a shitload of shots
It was a great night

Oh, and my right wrist is now tattooed, too

I have shitloads of pictures but my parents PC is fucked and I'm on a laptop at the moment so, I shall upload and update as soon as possible

Hope everyone is good
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